V-Moda XS on-ear Headphones

V-Moda is the brainchild of Val Kolton, who has been pursuing musical endeavors since the beginning (try elementary school).  That passion eventually evolved into the concept of stylish headphones.  This was in 2004.

Kolton was educated at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business and has used that knowledge to invent and to file his own patents.  He's also produced remixes and furthered the V-Moda Brand.
V-Moda XS on-ear Headphones
In our hands, are the XS on-ear headphones and they were designed by a DJ for DJ's.  We received them yesterday and these are the absolute toughest pair of headphones that we've ever held in our hands.  They are, mechanical in nature and form.

The XS is the smaller version and really, they seem perfect.  The headband is an ergonomic steelflex and they rest gently on the head.  The cans feature a patented dual-diaphragm and there are dual inputs at the base of the cans (this enables one to share the tunes, if desired) .

There are metal plates on either side of the ear pieces which are interchangeable.  The cable is equipped with a mic, which can be upgraded.  There are other professional upgrades as well.

The most critical aspect of the headphones are of course, the sound and it is flawless.  It's clear.  Balanced.  Perfect.

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