Two Hands by Felix

The Felix Brand is more of a concept than anything else.  In fact, the name Felix in Latin means, "Happy."  Also inherent to Felix culture is the concept of simple.  Ahhh...simple.  We like this!  Why can't everyone strive for simplicity?

Up for review is a simple two-handed electronics gadget holder.  Just squeeze it.  Then, clip it.  It will hold your iPad, tablet or eReader, as long as the maximum dimension of your tablet is 10.5" or less and 3/8" or thinner.
Two Hands by Felix
The clip will hold your device in a vertical or a horizontal position and the clip sits behind the object, so that the only item in your field of view will be the two hands.  It sounds funny to write that.  It really is a fun concept, though.

  • L 2 3/4" X W 1" X H 7"
  • Constructed of aluminum, plastic & silicone
  • Available in black, blue, green, pink, red, or white
  • Compatible with all iPads (including the Mini) & most other tablets
  • Maximum opening size is 10.5"
  • Maximum tablet thickness is 3/8"

Two hands retails for $14.99 and may be purchased here.  Simple.

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