JBL Pulse

Wow!  We weren't sure how we would feel about a full-power wireless speaker that doubled as a light show until we plugged this thing in.  It's absolutely trippy.  You really cannot fathom the coolness until you have seen it.  It's beautifully packaged too, by the way.

Normally, we would cull our audio resources for the most meaningfully bass file that we can locate.  However, this is not our first JBL product review and we already knew what it could do.  This does not mean that we were lax.  No.
JBL Pulse
It means that we went to old Salsa files that we knew had some level of noise.  We love Azucar Moreno.  We probably always will.  However, these overseas audio files have surely come a long way to get from Puerto Rico to Texas and even if they didn't, they sure sound like it.

But, they are the richest that we have ever experienced them.  Even when they were knew and we were listening with high fidelity headphones.  Yes, even then.

JBL's Pulse retails for $199.95 and is available wherever JBL products are sold.  Of course, you can always get dressed, avoid the squirrel haven which resides on your lawn and all of those death tank drivers with noses and funny hats, just above the steering wheels who seem to share your neighborhood.  You could do that.

Or, have it sent to you, as you scratch and relax in your Snoopy 'jamas with that torn bag of chips in your pocket and the big sloppy, gum diseased dog with a surplus of kisses aimed at the inside of your nose, who currently resides in your lap.  Just a thought.

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