EVOLUTION MAN is a green company dedicated to providing a modern skincare and grooming collection for men who are interested in a polished and sophisticated presence of being.  Evolution offers their products at moderate prices with cutting-edge aesthetics.


  • Nu Noir: Face & Body Wash
  • Raer & Nettoyer

Nu Noir: Face & Body Wash contains skin conditioner, which moisturizes as well.  Our gentleman friend who tested these loved the smell, as well as his wife.  She called it, "...intoxicating!"  We liked it too!  It smelled like a fresh Pine tree or a brisk stroll through the woods.

Nu Noir retails for $36.00 and is available here.  Oh, we hear that this product will keep your restroom fresh all day long too.  Bonus!

Raser & Nettoyer: Cleanse & Shave is another dual action product (saves you money, time and helps you to stick with one brand).  The smell was pleasant, yet masculine and our tester enjoyed the use of this product, even though he stated that he rarely uses shaving cream.

Cleanse & Shave retails for $27.00 and is available here.

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