Black & Decker Coffee Maker

We were ecstatic to see how fashionable this coffee maker actually is.  It has a large capacity 12-cup stainless steel, thermal carafe. The QuickTouch programmable auto brew delay makes it possible to have coffee ready upon waking.  The LCD display features the programmable digital clock.  For the purpose of safety, there is also an auto shutoff feature.

Black & Decker Coffee Maker
One feature that most coffee pots don't have is the brew strength selector.  This is for regular, stronger or bold coffee.  This helps customize the flavor and strength of the coffee which is another super feature.  Other features include digital display (complete with the ability discern time passed between the most current brew), the ability to brew a mere 1-4 cups, which is effective for those in-a-hurry smaller batches without giving up the flavor, the pour spout is designed to be drip free and sneak-a-cup is also available.

Visually, this is a very pleasing asset to the kitchen, as it is comprised of stainless steel.  Work-wise, it's also an asset.  Brand-wise, we know that the coffee maker will be around for a few years to come.

This unit retail for $59.99 and is available from Target stores.

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