Vince Camuto's Amore

Vince Camuto's Amore is a sensual mix of flowers, cashmere, amber and sandalwood.  It seems that we are able to smell the different layers that comprise this essence.  It's also sweet and has a slightly citrus slant.
Product Review: Vince Camuto's Amore
Sillage is at a two.  It's not overpowering.  It's gentle, yet strong and confident. You may wish to re-apply at seven to eight hour intervals.  While we would place longevity at a firm four, it's just divinely refreshing to do so!

We tried the 2 fluid ounce roll-on.  While we do not normally use a roll-on, we like the concept.  It's much kinder to re-apply with a roll-on than it is with something that can invade the noses of others.  Not that they wouldn't like it...

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