Altchek MD: Anti-Aging Skincare Starter Kit

Dr. Altchek's basic business premise is a simple one.

Dr. Altchek's philosophy is a unique approach, balancing the need for both Preventive + Corrective skincare. Without prevention,  he says, the aging process will always outpace the corrective treatments.

We have just received the Anti-Aging Skincare Starter Kit, which contains the following;
    Altchek MD: Anti-Aging Skincare Starter Kit
  • Daily Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Daily Moisturizer
  • Glycolic Renewal Pads
  • Night Treatment

The Daily Exfoliating Cleanser felt slightly itchy as it was being applied.  We took this as a sign of product efficiency as most exfoliants feel so rough!  Our face felt fresh and clean after use.

The Daily Moisturizer goes on smooth and creamy without feeling heavy, greasy or slimy.  Our face feels soft, even throughout the day.  Nice!

Glycolic Renewal Pads gave us a warm, tingly feeling.  Here again, it felt like product efficiency.

The Night Treatment felt soothing and induced a state of calm.  Ahhh....tranquility!

The point of the kit is to have and to use these particular four items for your daily facial regime.  The items prevent, correct and treat.  Oddly enough, even a trip to the Altchek web site is pleasant as it is bright and vibrant, much like product packaging and the products themselves.  These items are available for purchase online, at the web link below.  The Starter Kit retails for $25.00 and includes the four items, as listed above.

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