The OontZ from Cambridge Soundworks: Angle, Curve and XL

Cambridge Soundworks was founded in 1987 with a single consideration in mind.  They wanted to design and manufacture high performance loudspeakers and other audio components with the ultimate goal of high quality and they have done just that.

We really enjoy dealing with the Cambridge Soundworks personnel!  We were set up to love these speakers before we even tested them and we do.
The OontZ from Cambridge Soundworks
Sent over for review:

The OontZ Angle
The angle has an excellent range!  It is astounding, really.  It's a beautiful blue and slightly heavy.  This makes sense.  Whatever is in there, works!  This is an excellent middle guy for your A Capella sound files and your ears.  It certainly was for us!

The OontZ Curve
The OontZ Curve is just beautiful.  Ours has a red face over the speaker and we really like the contrast with the black on the back part.  We like the triangular shape.  The sound is good.  It's unique and somewhat difficult to describe.  It's good bang for the buck, though.  The bass goes down an extra few notes further than other Bluetooth speakers in this price range.

The Oontz XL
This is a substantive piece of audio equipment.  It is somewhat heavy and not short on quality.  The bass is endless.  Find a note below the staff that doesn't play well on the XL. Go ahead.  We dare you.  Like the other two speakers, the XL charges with a USB connection, has incredible volume, has ten hours of play time and a built in microphone.

Overall, Cambridge Soundworks delivers!  We like the company and we like the equipment.  All that we need is some sort of hardware piece that connects the three speakers so that we can fill our living space even though we do not Bluetooth enabled and this computer is only a couple of months old.

Thank you OontZ!

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