Monster SuperStar Speaker

Monster Cable Products began in 1979, under the leadership of Noel Lee.  The name of the company was chosen for its powerful connotations.  It worked well for a receptive public.  Now, many years later, Monster products sells over 4,000 items in over 80 countries, the world over.

Monster SuperStar Speaker
Monster bills the SuperStar speaker as, "The World's Smallest Audiophile Speaker" and it is relatively small.  However, this is our seventh or eight Bluetooth speaker to review and we've discovered more punch for the buck in cheaper models.

The speaker features a built in mic, two full range speakers and two bass radiators.  We like the design.  It's a little bigger than a cell phone.  This is good for toting it about.

The packaging is really nice.  The box is sturdy and different from everyone elses.  It opens up like a book.  An audio cable is not included.  This is somewhat of a disappointment.

There are six colors to choose from.  We received the boring black and gray one.  The blue one is much prettier.  For us, our biggest concern is the bass line.  Just try and enjoy R&B without it.  We dare you.

But, we digress.  We tested the speaker with some a cappella, which was fine.  It wasn't great however.  Even though the speaker is set to play at the maximum level, you can change the volume with the easy to discern buttons on the side of the speaker.  This is nice!

However, we then listened to Cali Swag District, "Teach me How to Dougie."  Meh.  Not so much.  The bass isn't muddy.  It's not clean either.  It seems somewhat muted.  We know that this doesn't make sense.  However, that's how it was.

We like the design and the concept.  But, in reality, it's all about the bass.

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