Izola.com is the perfect blend of whimsey meets wisdom, meets antiquity.  It is purported to be a web site for men.  Meh.  We gently disagree.  Just because products are sturdy, cool-looking and affordable does not a male audience make.  Granted, the men are surely there and we do not blame them.  Our point is that chicks like cool things too.

IzolaThe service that we received on Izola was excellent.  The items were excellent and the overall experience?  Excellent.

Shopping categories include House and Home, Travel, Grooming, Accessories, Vintage, Bar, Bath and Desk.  We had a difficult time picking out review items, sans the idea of Izola packing up every item for sale and gently letting them pour out into our abode.

However, we were able to focus on the following three items;

The Saint James Striped Socks are really nice.  They are also well made.  There isn't a single strand of thread that requires trimming.  They're unisex, stretchy and comfortable.  Aggggghhhhhh....

Next up is the Apothecary Soap Dish.  The is the neatest looking soap dish.  It's even neater in person.  Family members didn't get it.  That's fine.  Move along, please.  'Cause, your gentle writer gets it.  Sometimes, that's all that matters.

Finally, we have the Red Cedar Candle.  Here again, family members didn't get it.  What's not to get?  We smell this candle, which smells just like red cedar, by the way and we start thinking about camping, calming, relaxing by the fire, chillin', looking for squirrels who are doing cute things, which could possibly amuse us.  There's nothing like it.  Really.  Yes, it costs $35.00.  But, you actually get what you have paid for.  The candle is an eight ounce, vegetable wax blend.  It is divine.

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