Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited for Men

Hugo Boss Bottled is an asian fougere aroma.  Its top notes include apple and citrus fruits.  It is balanced in the heart, with a middle which is warm and spicy.  It is taken over by geranium, cinnamon and cloves.  Base notes are dry and spicy aromas of sandalwood, vetiver, cedar wood, olive wood, amber and musk.
Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited for Men
Boss Bottled is a dichotomy of essences.  It is in fact, artistic in this manner.  It has musk.  It is not musky.  It has wood scents.  It is not woody.  It has fruit.  It is not fruity.  It's just excellent.  Strong.  Bold.  The Boss!

There seem to be a few places online where one can request a sample.  If you are curious about this fragrance, we recommend that you do just that.  We recommend that you request a sample and test it out for yourself.  Note how long that Bottled stays with you and how far away from your body that you think your cologne is reaching.  Give those pulse points a sniff after having worn it for at least two to three hours.  Does it smell the same?  Better?  Worse?

For us, the essence faded throughout the day.  But, it did not change.  It's an awesome fragrance.

Received from Hugo Boss:

(1) 100ml Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited

Boss Bottled is available in 30ml, 40ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml.  It can be purchased here, according to size.

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