Cerafill is a Redken brand and its purpose is to provide effective solutions for thinning hair.  Cerafill is FDA approved and 95% of users do see results.  It is suggested for both women and men.

Cerafill DEFY, RETALIATE and MAXIMIZEThe life cycle of the hair follicle is comprised of three stages.  Because of this and other factors, one cannot chart expected growth with any modicum of accurateness.  With that having been stated, we have not experienced hair growth since we began this regime two weeks ago.  However, we have made some notes about our experience below.

Received From Cerafill:

There are three Cerafill categories and we have used all of them by now.  These include DEFY, RETALIATE and MAXIMIZE. The shampoos lather greatly and the conditioners detangled quite well. Everything is easy to use and goes on smooth, with no hitches.  Overall, we are excited to see how we will look after having used for another couple of weeks.  But, for now, our tresses haven't looked this full in years!  Not only that, but, our hair looks just as full and thick on day two, following a shampoo.

We are so pleased.  Thank you Cerafill!

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