Bolivares: Santos Shawl Collar Pullover

Bolivares is interpreted to mean, "Brand of the Americas."  They are an all-American brand of menswear who combine classic and casual from both North and South American influence.  This leaves a somewhat unique and bold look.  Nice!

Bolivares: Santos Shawl Collar Pullover
The cobalt blue Santos Shawl Collar Pullover is the epitome of casual male beauty.  Your gentle National Products Reviewer has examined every stitch and there is not one frayed edge, not one missed stitch and no flaws, whatsoever.  While this particular item was designed in New York City, this handmade pullover is from Peru and constructed of 100% Peruvian cotton.

This sweater is available in sizes from small to xx large and can be had for $169.00 from the Bolivares web site (see below).  We haven't taken the time to launder this piece yet.  But, when we do, it will be in cold water.  Or, better yet, we will have it dry cleaned, per the instructions.

This is an outstanding garment.  It will go well a t-shirt underneath or sweat pants.  However, don't let your man wear those ragged ones.  You know, the ones that the dog pulls on every time she sees him in them?  No, this is a semi-dressed up casual.  It should be worn accordingly.

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