Metrokane's Rabbit Electric Cocktail Mixer

This is a beautiful piece of bar ware.  It's all glass and metal.  Granted, it will leave any given bartender with nothing to flip into the air, so as to please the hungry-for-entertainment patron's.  However, it looks good on its own and really, don't you have someone to impressive with your smart buying skills and your cocktail-mixing prowess?  Yes.  Well, we suspected as much.  We did.

It's easy to use too!

Simply measure out the ingredients for the cocktail recipe of your current desires, pour those measured items into the mixer.  Drop in your ice cubes.  Well, don't let them, plop.  It simply aint classy.  See the, "Start" button, down there on the base?  Press it.

Watch it mix, it won't fry the retina's plum out of your eyes, like watching the microwave heat up a greasy sack of popcorn for the past thirty years of your existence.  When it's done, pour it into a cup, glass, shoe or whatever drinking vessel you happen to have ready.  Good times!

The Rabbit Electric Cocktail Mixer;

  • Mixes up your cocktail in a flat 15 seconds or lesser time
  • Holds an impressive eighteen ounces
  • Is powered by a 6500 rpm motor
  • Runs on two AAA batteries, which are included in the box
  • Retails for a scant $20.00
  • Comes with a warranty which lasts for the duration of one-year
  • Has the incredible capacity of being able to mix more than a hundred cocktails on the included two triple-A batteries

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