Hair trends for Fall, Winter of 2014

Hair trends for this Fall and Winter call for incredible metallics.  All of the big-name celebrities are already coloring accordingly, so says Tracey Cunningham, who is the Redken Creative Consultant for Color and Celebrity Colorist.  One of these trends is the metallic Blur, AKA the next Balayge.  The Blur is created with a blend of two differing colors, along with Redken's new Blur Brush.  This is the tool for getting that multidimensional custom color.


The first trend for the upcoming seasons, this year is the Platinum Blonde

Blondes are lightening up and lighting up with the platinum style.  A medium skin tone like Charlize Theron could go pure platinum.  Fairer skin tones can use this to their advantage with played up pale colors.  With Redken's new Cool Control Color Gels and Color Fusion shades, one can enjoy, "...the iciest whites, sparkly silvers or pale pastels..."

Redken also makes the, Blonde Idol haircare system to assist with platinum blonde color upkeep and maintenance.  Equipped with the Kera-Bright System, Blonde Idol brightens and beautifies to keep you incredible between hair appointments.  The system also includes Custom-Tone for daily care, BBB Spray, which is a multi-benefit conditioner and a mask, which acts to nourish rinse-out treatment.

The second trend for the upcoming seasons, this year is the Bronzed Brunette

Many brunette's are also lightening up.  Dakota Johnson recently did for 50 Shades of Grey and kept the look afterwards.  The look was achieved with the addition of bronze and gold at the ends for a subtle lightening without a harsh brassiness.

The third trend for the upcoming seasons, this year is the Rose Gold / Copper

Sounds enchanting, does it not?

The rose gold and coppers are hot right now.  They are also good for most all skin tones!  Golden hues can be added for more rose gold.  Or, intense reds and coppers can be added for the Riley Keough rich red.  Also helpful is Redken's New Color Blur brush, as one wishing to get this look can achieve this exact look because of the multidimensional shades to be had, complete with custom highlights and hues.

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