Meze Headphones

Meze (pronounced meh-ZEH) are a work of art.  Beautiful.  Ever so often, your gentle product reviewer comes across a product so well put-together, so aesthetically pleasing and so affordable, that she just about screams about it, in a way.

Meze Headphones

The Meze Headphones are just such a product.  The pair that we have reviewed are the 11 Deco for $79.99 and they are seriously greatness.  The box that come in is beautiful.  The web site that they are sold on is beautiful.  The product is beautiful.

We slipped in the earpieces and turned on some retro-skating-rink gold and we heard riffs, notes and passages that we have never heard before.  We don't remember having heard them anyway.

Meze Headphones are pure gold for an $80.00 price tag.  Just.  Gold!

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