Genius Pack

Genius Pack is a luggage company and a brand which is in alignment with technology, innovation, extreme functionality and the elimination of travel hassles.  They've received a lot of positive press for their products.  We look closer at two of them, now.

Genius PackWe had the pleasure of perusing the High Altitude Flight Bag and the Loud Sound Mini Speaker.  The High Altitude Flight Bag retails for $58.00 and was designed to wrap around the plane seat in front of you.  It provides quick access to all that you might need and in a hurry.  You can also charge your mobile device directly from your seat, with the purchase of the Portable Mobile Charger.  Sweet!

The Loud Sound Mini Speaker retails for $28.00 and was designed to integrate perfectly into Genius Pack luggage, along with other travel accessories.  Or, you are free to go wild and listen to the speaker while it's outside of the luggage.  It has a playback time of 6 hours, amazing high-quality loud sound and is expandable from 1.75" to 2.5" for those bass thumping low notes. The speaker is designed to listen to your telephone tunes. 
What we like most about the Genius Pack line of products is that they are very organized.  For your dearest National Product Reviewer, disorganization can be stressful when we are traveling.  We want to know where everything is at, when we need them. 

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