Sapphire Soul

Sapphire Soul is a web site, a metaphysical shop and a joyful subscription service box for the spiritually inclined.  The boxes are dubbed Balance Boxes as the products inside are geared for a body, spirit and mind balance.  They are also geared for abundance.

You may subscribe to the small box for $28.00 per month or the large box for $48.00 per month and this one includes a piece of healing jewelry, in a small bag with a circular of information about the stone, as it were.

Sapphire Soul
What are in the boxes?

Apothecary items, candles, crystals, resource worksheets/guides about crystals and essential oils, teas, jewelry, affirmations, essential oils, products related to holistic and organic wellness, inspirational art, love, positive energy, abundance, inspiration! You can expect a combination of a few of these items and more!

Sapphire Soul

It hit us that while we were looking through our new toys and delights that some people might not know what to do with some of the items and this is covered in a FAQ.  The proprietor (Allison Daily) states that the listed products come with information and they do.  If we had looked a little closer before we pondered, then we might not have ever gotten to the pondering stage.

Every item enclosed is well thought out and accounted for.  There is plenty of love for us all.  In fact, Sapphire Soul donates a percentage of sales for educating and empowering young girls around the world.

The April Box Brought the Concepts of Renew & Refresh:

  • Joy Herbal Magic Candle: Candle Affirmation
  • Sapphire Soul Citcine stone
  • Sapphire Soul Lemon Essential Oil
  • Sapphire Soul Royal Dream Detox: Bath Soak (This stuff smells incredible!)
  • Sapphire Soul Tea Tree
  • Stash: Mint Iced Green Tea Powder
  • Vanilla Honeybush Caffeine Free Herbal Tea pouch
  • White Sage

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