J.F. Lazartigue Paris Shampoo

Jean-Francois Lazartigue opened his first Paris salon, "Rue de Courcelles," in 1963.  He created his own line of hair treatments to repair, embellish and protect his customers' hair, damaged by oxidation, color, hair discoloration or perms.  He did this in 1976.

J.F. Lazartigue Paris ShampooFlash forward 40 years and Mr. Lazartigue has a well-established reputation in the hair care industry.  His products are known the world over.  They are also sold in over 70 countries.

Up for review is J.F. Lazartigue Paris Ultra-Shine Orchid-Scented shampoo. The scent is actually pretty laid back.  It is neutral, in fact.  We used the product earlier today and it's somewhat difficult to get shampoo out of the bottle, since the bottle doesn't squeeze.

The Ultra-Shine Orchid-Scented shampoo is paraben free, sodium chloride free, restructures, repairs and energizes.  It also has a nice tactility to it.  It gave us a nice shiny glow.  We liked it.  Even on our subtle grays, it's a great look.

Our tresses are rather soft now, too.

Another plus for this non-detergent shampoo is that it's gentle enough for daily applications.  In fact, it is suggested that you may wish to vary this shampoo up with others, as part of your hair cleansing regime.  This is really the best way to get the most from your hair cleaning products.

Because nothing is too good for your hair, demand the best! J.F. Lazartigue

A 6.80 fluid ounce bottle can be purchased for $25.00 from the j f lazartigue Web.

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