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Recently, we received a few items from Haven for our perusal.  The first of these was the Fresh Home Trial Kit, which includes the following; The Air & Linen Lavender (12 ounce) is Haven's equivalent to Febreze.  The aroma is sweet and awesome.  This nonstaining product can be used on beds or fabric.  It will also de-wrinkle your clothing.

The next item is the All Purpose Lemon & Mint (12 ounce) and this stuff is amazing!  It will clean a multitude of surfaces and smells great!

Home Into HavenAlso included is the castile Soap Zest & Spice (12 ounce) and it can be used to mop, wash dishes or clothes and general surfaces.  It smells strongly of orange zest and we are not in love with this scent.  It's not terrible.  It's just not as great as the others.  It's still an excellent product!

Finally, we have the Scrub Lemon (16 ounce), which is dubbed, "The Ultimate Multitasker."  The lemon scent is pleasant and this powder can clean bathrooms, dishes, de-tarnish metals or wash your vegetables.

We also received a container of Polish Beeswax Conditioner For Wood, Leather & Steel (5 ounce).  True to a Haven-style product, this item smells great and has multiple uses.  Yes, it polishes and conditions wood, leather and steel.  It also removes hard water deposits on shower doors and faucets, fixes squeaky hinges (via de-gunking residual build-up), works on utensils and rubber goods and acts as a healing salve on cracked knuckles, elbows, heels and toes.  The polish retails for $13.00 and can be purchased from the Web.

Overall, Haven has sent a nice sampling of product and they are all top-quality.  Everything was well-packaged and the product design is clean and simple.  Our favorite aspect of Haven product's is that they work well for many applications.

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