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Bergamot is the result of three Brooklyn-residing friends who got into cahoots to own a company, which would utilize their 10+ years in the fragrance industry.  They wanted the consumer to be able to sample outstanding fragrance's from the world over, at their in-home leisure.  The end result is an elegant white box, adorned with the Bergamot name and their theme;

Let a hundred flowers bloom.

Get BergamotThe larger portion of the box houses the three samples and testing strips reside below them.  There is a booklet, which is included with your subscription box.  Contained within its pages are descriptions of your three selections for the month, a little about that fragrance and a, "How to Sample," page.  The ending page states that if you like the fragrance for that month and wish to purchase it, that you may do so on the Get Bergamot web site.  It adds that doing so will earn you the next month for free.  You are free to have this sent to yourself or to a friend.

This month's delivery include the following;

Bloom by Forager Botanicals is simply amazing!  It sprays out strong.  Then, it Spring blossoms and greens slowly unfold.  The 60 ml bottle retails for $98.00.

Impossible Iris by Ramon Monegal is absolutely out-of-this-world divine!  It retails for $185.00 for a 50 ml bottle, which is unique and pleasant to view.

Treehouse Royal by Pinrose is incredible.  The smells produces something pleasant from our past.  We cannot discern the memory.  Very nice!  It retails for $50.00 for a 30 ml bottle.

Our personal favorite is Impossible Iris.  Oh my!  Words cannot adequately describe this incredible essence.

This is one of our favorite new subscription boxes now.

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