Essence Cosmetics

To sum up Essence Cosmetics in one word; subtle.  It is very subtle.  It's almost not there, in fact.  Pigmentation and color distribution are poor. This may not be a bad thing for the introvert.  Essence Cosmetics is also geared for a younger consumer.

We received a sizable lot from Essence Cosmetics.  This included nail polish, face and cheek powder, eye shadow and liner, lipstick, liner and balm and mascara.

Essence Cosmetics
Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish  retails for $1.99 and we received Green (Light), Green (Dark), Pink (Glitter) and White.  A single coat produces a hue, which is a few shades lighter than the liquid in the bottles.  They are still pretty.

Essence Nail Art Effect Nails retails for $2.49 and is a really neat container of multidimensional glitters.  It's a small container.

However, you can make that amount stretch if you are a bit stingy with application.

Essence Mattifying Compact Powder retails for $3.99 and even just with the swipe of a tissue, little color is produced.  If you are timid and/or just have no desire to be viewed by others, this is seriously the line of cosmetics for you.

Essence Eyeshadows vary in type, color and price.  For instance, the 3D: 08: Irresistible Vanilla Latte retails for $3.49.  The Metal Glam eye shadows retail for $2.99 and it is difficult to distinguish between colors.  It's the eye shadows that most demonstrate the lack of color distribution.  This can be a good thing if you have no desire to bring in sailors during the night, using only the reflection of your metallic eyeshadow.

Under the, "Metal Glam," umbrella, we received the following colors;

  • 02 Coffee to Glow
  • 03 Frosted Apple
  • 05 Chocolate Jewelry
  • 07 Golden Up!
  • 08 N'ice Frosting

We also perused Numbers 77 (Sandy Says Hello) and 78 (Vanilla Milkshake) and there was nothing remarkable to note.

Essence Get Big Lashes (3: Triple Black) retails for $3.99 and is smooth to apply and doesn't have any clumps.  It doesn't give you that frightening-big-eyed look as seems to favored for doll makers.  However, they do make your lashes more pronounced without being too show-quality.  This would not be a desirable thing unless you were a drag queen anyway.

Essence Kiss Care Love Lipbalm (05: Fruit, Fruit, Fruit) retails for $1.99 and smells awesome!  The color of the balm in the bottle is orange.  Once it is applied, all that is evident is a slight trail of glitter.

Essence LashMania Reloaded (False Lash Mascara) retails for $4.99.   It looks good on regular lashes.

Essence Lipliner retails for $1.49.  We received Wish Me a Rose & Satin Mauve.

Essence Lipstick retails for $2.99 and we offer a slight warning.  Be careful with these!  We were simply opening one of them and the lipstick shot upwards, hit the inside of the lid and the tip of the stick broke.  It was a small break.  We received the three new shades.  These are 54: Honeybee, 64: Flirty Pink and 67: Miss Peach.

Essence LongLasting Eye Pencil retails for $2.49 and feels smooth going on.  We received Berry Merry and Hot Scorch.

Essence Sun Club retails for $4.49 and is an All-in-One Bronzing Highlighter.  We received one, which is for blondes with lighter skin and a second one, which is for brunettes with darker skin.  We suspected that neither one of these would look good on us since we neither of these.  We were correct.

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