UrthBox Subscription Box

UrthBox is one of the best box subscriptions out there for those who wish to snack in an ethical manner.  For starters, your monthly subscription will begin with the choosing of the following box type;
    UrthBox Subscription Box
  1. Classic
  2. Diet
  3. Gluten Free
  4. Vegan

Awesome, right?  Well, yeah.  Not only that, but, you get what you pay for and more!  February's send-out included 15 items.  There was a great variety and the box itself was exciting to receive!  Urthbox also has an excellent point and rewards system in place.  You get points for every purchase and for sharing Urthbox posts at various social media sites.  It seems to be a very generous plan.  The points are redeemable at the soon-to-be UrthBox Online Shop.

The 15 items that we received for February include the following;
  1. Alo: Aloe Vera Drink
  2. Betty Lous: Peanut Butter Ball
    Froose: Natural Gummy Snacks
  3. Health Warrior: Chia Bar
  4. Made in Nature: Organic Dried Fruit
  5. Raw Revolution: Organic Live Food Bar
  6. Snapz: Dried Fruit Crisps
  7. Somersault Snack Co: Somersaults
  8. The Better Chip: Corn Chips
  9. Uncle Eddies: Trail Mix Cookies
  10. XyllChew: Sugar Free Chewing Gum

As an extra, UrthBox sent along 3 "Bug Bites" chocolate squares by Endangered Species.  Delightful!

Clearly, this is one of our favorite subscription boxes.  It's fun.  It's earth-conscious.  Each box has a retail value of $50.00.

Your monthly subscription cost varies per 1-3-6 month order.  It ranges from $19.00 - 25.00 per month and there is no shipping cost in the U.S.

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