Total eMedical, Inc.

When we come across companies like Total it makes us happy that there are DME companies out there of this caliber.  It reminds us of the last company that we worked for before retiring.  The work is hard.  One is dealing with individual's who are sick, listless and need help and a lot of compassion goes a long way.

Product Review: Total eMedical, Inc.One of the Total eMedical leaders is Vice President Sean Rudnick.  Another leader is the wonderful customer service representative with whom we spoke, just a few moments ago.  Both of them are eager to please and they are also very familiar with the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) industry.  Mr. Rudnick in particular, is always on the lookout for equipment that might be better in any manner than what current inventory dictates.

Total eMedical is a family company in many ways.  One of the ways is that employees are treated as family.  Those needing their services are family.  Finally, this is part of what drives Rudnick and others at Total eMedical to care for customers as family.

Customer service is everything and evolution is imperative.

Sent over for our evaluation of product were the 4-ounce tube of Biofreeze, which was awesome as we've been wanting to try this.  It's just as solid as we expected it to be too.  Also sent were incredibly sturdy back and knee braces.  These last two items are so sturdy that one normally requires a doctor's prescription to get them.

The sum of our experiences with Total eMedical were nothing less than spectacular.  It was such a pleasure to deal with passionate people who genuinely care about the plights of others.

Thank you Total eMedical!

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