Puzzle Warehouse

Puzzle Warehouse has a lot to offer for the Internet puzzle shopper.  They have almost 7,000 jigsaw puzzles for sale, along with puzzle accessories, games and children's toys.  They also have a 1-year return policy.  Yes, one year.  If you choose to use this policy, they will even pay for the postage.  They have customer service support via chat, email and a toll-free number and the support is multilingual, if necessary.

Puzzle Warehouse
Cool.  Right?  Well, yeah.

Puzzle Warehouse also has many browsing categories, including a breakdown by age, artist, brand, piece count and theme.  They have a lot to offer and what we find particularly amazing is that they offer advice for buyers who are missing pieces.

For our perusal, Puzzle Warehouse sent, "Girl and Friends" by Ellen Stouffer and "Parc Guell" by Educa.  They wanted for us to be able to contrast the different puzzles while noting quality and the quality of both is intact.  There are no 2 or 3 pieces for which you have to chew apart to be able to use.  The boxes were completely intact and well-packaged.

We are very pleased with Puzzle Warehouse and our new puzzles.  They have three brick and mortar stores in Missouri.  You may also shop online.

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