Purr Packs

PurrPacks.com is monthly subscription box service for your cat.  It comes in three sizes;

Purr Packs
The Teaser Pack (5-7 items: From $29.99): This is a small assortment of toys, treats and other fun things

The Fun & Love Pack (7-9 items: From $39.99): Same as above, but with more

The Multi-Cat Mega-Pack (9-12 items: From $49.99): Same as above, but more and more and more.  This is for those of us who more than one beloved cat in the house.

After you choose your size, you then select your plan, which is going to a 1, 3 or 6-month subscription.  The price lessens per pack as you choose more months.  Next, you select your flavor profile, which will either be the seafood, the chicken or the beef.  Then, personalize your packs with the name(s) of the recipient cat(s).  Finally, you are free to further personalize your pack, with a note to the cat's owner.  Add this to your cart and complete the deal.

This is one of the most enjoyable boxes we've ever received and every item in there is made in the U.S.A.  The fun got even better when the cat came over to the box, sat down on another product for review (as though it didn't matter at all) and pawed through the confetti paper, as seen in the images.  He knew that this package was all about him.

"Did you tell the cat that this was his?"

"No!  I didn't tell him.  I thought (that) you told him!"

"Well, I didn't tell him.  He won't let me do this alone!"

Sighing....We loved it and if think that you will love it too, you can only get these purr packs online or at special adoption events.  Did we add that 10-15% of annual proceeds (dependent upon certain factors) go to prominent rescue and animal welfare organizations?  Well, they do.

Oh, we were so excited to have gotten the cat's attention that we forgot to share the received items for this month;

  • (1) Purr Packs Two-Sided Cat Groomer
  • (3) Mice Toys
  • (1) 12-inch Purr Packs Cat Collar (really cute - decorated with clouds and a balloon) - it also has a small bell on it
  • (1) Package of Feline Greenies Denta Treats (oven roasted chicken flavor)
  • (1) Package of Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats (powered with Green Nutrition)
  • (3) Ball Toys (they jingle)
  • (1) Box of 32, Jasmine Scented Quick-Bags - easy scooping & bagging helper

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