JuiceBox by OrigAudio

The JuiceBox is a new external battery pack for your electronic devices, from OrigAudio.com.  The great thing about this item is that sometimes, you are out on the road, playing with your mobile telephone or other devices (all models of iPhones, iPads, Samsungs, Blackberries, Androids, HTC's, tablets and other phones and electronic items) and you may not be able to recharge some of these for a few hours away.

Product Review: JuiceBox by OrigAudioEnter the JuiceBox!  The JuiceBox will take 3 hours to recharge and will hold a 10-hour charge.  So, there ya go.  This gives you additional play or work time when you are not able to plug in your........ (fill in the blank).

It's creatively packaged too.  The box comes with a real straw on the side.  You shouldn't be too earger to pluck that off though.  You might need it later on!

The JuiceBox retails for $24.99 and may be purchased online.  Here, in fact.  Sweet!

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