Jelly Box by OrigAudio

The Jelly box is a new Bluetooth speaker for your electronic devices.

It's beautifully packaged, ultra convenient, portable, has a built-in microphone, will fit in your pocket, has 8-10 hours of play time from a single charge, is available in nine sweet colors, has a 33-foot range, the capability of one-touch call answering, a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery and a soft-touch, rubber exterior.
Product Review: Jelly Box by OrigAudio
Here's the deal.  For $34.99 you can share your phone tunes with your buds. This is a good thing.  This is an affordable thing.  However, if you're listening to A Capella, bass or an endless riff of anything in the soprano range, then, this is not the listening device for you.  Notes and then, passages get muddy in those ranges.

But then again, you are not paying for upper and lower range specificity.  You are paying for a fun box of sharing while chillaxin' witch'er peeps.  It's a great deal and a fun package!

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