Good Mouth is Now Boka, as of 2016

Good is a toothbrush subscription service and an affordable one at that.  Plans begin at $4.95 and family plans are available.  Delivery frequency may be adjusted and there is no cost for shipping.

BokaGood Mouth has a pretty decent-sized toothbrush selection, along with the choice of a silky smooth or waxy goodness floss container.  They also have, "The Giving Goodness Program," which, provides 2 brushes or the equivalent in dental care, for someone in need.

Their mission?

The right brush at the right time, right to your door. Improve your mouth, improve your health, and help those in need do the same.

Good Mouth asked your gentle National Product Reviewer to select a toothbrush and we selected the Toucan because we loved the simplicity of this brush.  In return, they sent 3 toothbrushes, each in a blue, mesh bag with a container of floss.


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