BarkBox is a divine package for lovers of canine.  It's a heavy box filled with (what are surely) the yummiest dog treats ever, a toy and good things for their teeth.  Why, oh why do dog lovers sometimes overlook the teeth, mouth and gums?

Subscription fees range from $18.00 per month to $29.00 per month, depending upon the desired plan.  The more boxes that you buy, the cheaper the boxes are. The plans automatically renew and you may cancel at any time.

BarkBoxThe Month of March Delivered:

  •  Acadia Antlers Dog Chew
  • Etta Says!  Roasted Duck Jerky
  • Fruitables Pet Foods: Pumpkin & Blueberry Flavor
  • Get Naked: Super Antioxidant: Natural Functional Treats for Dogs
  • T-Bone Steak Toy (it squeeks)

The bags of treats are good-sized and BarkBox donates 10% of proceeds to dogs in need.  In fact, there are several organization who receive such monies.

And, now that you've thought about it.  Why not buy your dog a gift?

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