Privateer Rums

Privateer Rum (80 proof) is definitely an American brand.  The bottle, while simple in design, is elegant too.  The brand is in fact, steeped in Americana and history.  It is made in Massachusetts.

Sixth generation Andrew Cabot strove to create a sipping rum.  Something akin to vodka, when it was at its popularity height.  He wanted to create something that one could consume on the rocks and he did.
Product Review: Privateer Rums
We have sampled both the Privateer True American Rum (amber) and the Privateer Silver Reserve Rum.

Privateer Silver Reserve Rum has a vodka-esque taste, only with extreme smoothness and unlike other spirits, the initial taste is somewhat stronger than the citrus-like ending, which lingers gently on the palate and back of the throat.

Privateer True American Rum (amber) is also very smooth.  There is no alcohol burn involved.  The aftertaste is divine, though, unfamiliar to your gentle writer. Add some ice and watch the flavors evolve.

They are both divine. Web

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