People Towels

PeopleTowels is an eco-friendly product which eliminates the use of paper towels.  They are comprised of 100% organic Fair Trade Cotton and were created in efforts to save trees, reduce waste in our landfills, cut CO2 emissions and to conserve water. The concept between PeopleTowels originates in Japan, where people have been using such hand towels in public for many years.  Because of the size of Japan, the Japanese are very aware of waste disposal issues and are therefore eco-conscious.

Product Reviews: People TowelsPeopleTowels' co-founder is Mary Wallace, who was inspired by the Japanese.  Hence, she brings us the concept of PeopleTowels, in an effort to encourage us all to, "B.Y.O.Towel" and why not?  They're green.  They're smart.  They support planetary longevity.

PeopleTowels reaches even farther than the smart towel.  This is evident in their corporate relationships with 1% for the Planet, the Breast Cancer Fund, Climate, the Green Business Network, Green my Lunchbox, Teens Turning Green and The Nature Conservancy.

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