Flower of the Month Club

The Flower of the Month Club guarantees 100% satisfaction, has been listed with the Better Business Bureau since 2005 and has an A+ rating.  Their product is top of the line quality.  For this month, the club sent out a stunning array of orchids from California.  The bouquet was so big that we separated it, so that we could enjoy their beauty in the living room and in the kitchen.  Every flower, bud and leaf were fresh.  One would never know that this had come from a box, for a mere $32.95 plus shipping.
Product Review: Flower of the Month Club
They were well packaged too.  Each stem was attached to a short tube of water and the entire bouquet was gently bound at the bottom with a bow-tied cord.  All of this was wrapped up in pretty paper.  Also in the box were two packages of flower food, a newsletter which contained information about orchids and another print out entitled, "How to Revive and Lengthen the Life of Your Bouquet."

Really, there's nothing that brings color, aesthetics and joy into a room better than a bouquet of flowers.  The fact that they were delivered?  Well, that's on you.

For those who are subscription club fascinated, this particular group belongs to a family of 6 gourmet club.  The Flower of the Month Club is the second club which we've reviewed and we are very impressed this time as well!

Also available are beer, wine, cheese, chocolate and cigar of the month clubs.

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