Clipa Purse Holder

Clipa is the instant handbag hanger.  There are 24 styles to choose from and they are all made, right here in the U.S. of A.  This is where the romance begins.

Your favorite product reviewer really likes this one!  The Clipa is strong enough to hold up to 45 pounds worth of the stuff that you tote about every day,  may be worn as a bracelet, will hold your purse, business bag, backpack, diaper or shopping bags.

The Clipa weighs a mere 2 ounces, lasts for ten years and are incredible stylish and strong.  We
Product Review: Clipa Purse Holderordered the, "Maya" which is a semi-dark metal, comprised of hematite.  While we ordered this particular model for its spiritual qualities, it also looks good.  This clip retails for $24.99.  The price range for these clips spans $14.99 to 39.99.  Some models allow for customization as well.

We also ordered the, "No Chip" clip for keys as it does not require the use of your fingernails to use.  Yes!  No more broken nails.  The cost of this item was a mere $1.99 for 3 key rings and we love it!

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