Pit Bulls & Parolees

Her name is Tia Maria Torres and she is both the brains and the mental brawn behind the magic of, "Pit Bulls & Parolees."  This is her well-suited gig. In fact, it's probably the one that she was born for.

Pit Bulls & ParoleesShe is passionate, empathic and mostly stoic.  She is also incredibly bright and resourceful.  Motivating burned out employees?  No problem.  Getting a dog to pay attention?  Can be done.  Yes, she's a problem solver too.

I'm not the kind of person who gives up.  She states in today's episode and it pretty much sums up who she is.

The name of her Pit Bull sanctuary is Villalobos Rescue Center and her only employees are parolees.  She also employs her daughter and twin sons.  However, when extra hands are needed, she knows whom to call.

Before we began watching the show, we had made up our mind that we would not watch it because of some of the histories of the Pit Bulls.  Some are horrific and we knew that we could not handle it.

However, we were wrong.  Torres and her team handle the bad situations and continue for the cause.

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