21 & Over: Review & Quotes


Just to cast a bit of positive out before we rip this piece of garbage up, it really is touching how two young men can care so much about a friend.  The two young men are Miles Teller and Skyler Astin, who play Miles and Casey.  Jeff Chang, played by Justin Chon, is a straight-A student, who is scheduled at a crisp 7:00 a.m. for a medical school interview.  This is scheduled for the next day.

This will be difficult as Jeff Chang and his pals have spent all night party-hoping.  They are on a quest to discover Jeff's address, as he is entirely too intoxicated to remember.  Yeah, it's an all-nighter, too.  Sighing.

21 & Over is not funny.  It just isn't.  Nor, is it interesting.

21 & Over: Review & QuotesSeriously, save your money and use it to pay for a tin can shooting gallery.  Buy a ridiculous hat and have expensive photos taken with it.  Take the neighbor's cat on a date.  But, do not see this movie.

Just, don't.


Dr. Chang: Your interview is at 8 A.M. tomorrow morning. Be rested, be sharp, don't embarrass me.

Jeff Chang: I'm 21 and over with!

Miller: When did this get all Bananas and Pajamas?
Directed by: Jon Lucas and Scott Moore

Produced by: David Hoberman, Ryan Kavanaugh, Todd Lieberman, Hugo Shong and Andy Yan

Written by: Jon Lucas and Scott Moore

Starring: Justin Chon, Miles Teller and Sarah Wright

Genre: Comedy

Rated: R

Release date: 1 March 2013 (USA)
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