PSY Gangnam Style Pistachio Super Bowl Commercial 2013

The delightful ad begins with an upright pistachio. It is slightly agape and looking like a rose, soon to bloom.

The music begins, "Crack it Gangnam Style."  PSY has emerged from the bud in an upward fashion, in a sea of green smoke and he is dancing, in his green suite and sunglasses.

PSY lands and there are four dancing pods behind him.  Two on either side.  They look so funny, with their human arms stretched out and black leotard-clad dancing legs with stilettos.

The music continues.  "Crack it Gangnam Style."  He dances with one of the pods and they are so amazing!

For added festivity, there are now many dancing pods and PSY removes his coat.  He trows confetti into the air.

He then dances past four pods and ends up in the confetti scene again.

PSY Gangnam Style Pistachio Super Bowl Commercial 2013ANNOUNCER:

PSY does it.  Then, we all go nuts.

The dancing scenes disappear and we have a single pod on a white background with the words, "Healthy Snackin'" at the top and the Twitter tag "CrackinStyle" at the bottom.

The bud opens up and there is a bag of delightful pistachio's sitting in the middle.


Wonderful pistachios.  Get crackin'.

And we have PSY, who is back in full garb and piggy-back riding one of the pod dancers.
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