Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is our new favorite comedy classic.  It had all the elements that this writer requires to be watched and shared again and again. 
Pitch Perfect: Review
Our only complaint is that it's hard to find.  Blockbuster has closed the doors to an otherwise open-for-business movie renting outfit that is close to our abode.  RedBox doesn't seem to have it.

However, a dear friend was able to buy it from Amazon, so we happily (and loudly) watched.  We laughed out loud, we laughed like we were buy ourselves and then, we laughed some more. 

The film is nontraditional in a most pleasing manner.  For example, the male and female commentators sat in a certain spot during the competitions and made comments while performers sang for contests.  Some of the comments were rude and therefore funny.  Some of them just didn't make any sense, in a delightfully funny way.

The music?

Aaahhhhh.  It was incredibly sweet, excepting the one time that it was not.  Blech."Blech," she wrote.  Still shaking.

However, much like life itself, everything that happened was for a reason even if it was only to amuse. 

This music-steeped comedy draws on the world of a capella groups to tell the story of an intense competition between three ensembles. Anna Kendrick stars in this airy look at an age-old art form that's steadily gaining modern popularity.

If you watch this movie, like to laugh and enjoy a capella music, you're gonna love it.  You may wish to never have another slice of bologna in your life, but, it's worth it.  Because, really, how non-great is bologna?  You'll find out, if you watch "Perfect Pitch."
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