Jewess Jeans with Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live (SNL)

The classic beauty clip begins with a soft, disco beat and a pair of overly glossed lips.  The lips seem to have consumed something really greasy, without benefit of eating utensils.  It's 70's hot though!  It's 59 minutes of nostalgic fun.
Jewess Jeans with Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live (SNL)
In a somewhat sultry voice, the lips utter, "Jewess Jeans, their skin tight."

The camera cuts to a tight pair of jeans from behind and the Jewish star adorns both pockets, as do the wearers cupped hands.

The lips continue, "Jewess Jeans.  They're outta sight.  Jewess Jeans."

A song begins about a woman who, "...has a lifestyle that..."

The Jewess Jeans wearer turns around and we see her divine face.  Her glasses are apropo for the time.  Huge!  She has ultra-shiny lips and a big ol' 'do!

Our Jewess princess is dancing around in somewhat thick-heeled shoes, smackin' gum and takin' names!  She's in the middle of a photo shoot and she is The (Official) Answer!

Her three back-up models are dancin' too.

"She's got that Jewish look."  And Radner plays with a chain necklace.

"...she's got designer nails and a designer nose..."

"She's the Jewess in Jewess Jeans."

Radner does a booty bump with one of the back-up models and the camera ends on her pocket.  We now see that resting above the star is the brand name, "Jewess."

At the bottom of the screen are the words, "guaranteed to ride up."
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