Sears Optical Commercial Starring Squirty, the Racoon

Up for review is the Sears Optical Raccoon commercial circa 2010.  The advertisement begins with a woman (actress Tara Clark) clad in nightly attire, standing on the back porch of a brick house calling, “Here kitty…Wheezer…here, kitty.”  A raccoon (Squirty) approaches the house and the woman looks down and says, “Oh!  … come snuggle with ma-ma.”  The raccoon enters the house and Mama says, “She’s a good girl.”  Music begins playing and a blue screen with the words, “Sears Optical…” pops up.  The ad then delivers the reason for the ad.  One can purchase two pairs of eyeglasses for a mere $99.00 and pay with a Sears card.
Sears Optical Commercial Starring Squirty, the Racoon
Preceding the final screen is a screen which says, “Sears Optical.  Don’t miss a thing.”  Next, we see the raccoon lounging on the covers of Mama’s bed, laying her head down and Mama says, “Night, Mama’s girl.”  Perhaps, the viewer should be hyper aware that fuzzy eyesight can lead to snuggles with possibly rabid, outdoor life and indeed, we should be.  However, this raccoon is so cute!

Well, most viewers are focused on the cuteness of the wild animal, albeit a possibly poisonous harbinger of rabies.  YouTube viewer DanimalWT5 ponders, “You wonder if she has a hot looking daughter that would kiss the raccoon during the day?...”  Nice.  It is a fair guess that female viewers are not pondering such a thing.  Most of us are thinking, “I wanna pet Wheezer!”

Who would disagree with YouTube viewer FischerFan who says, “…This commercial is so original and that's what makes it a winner.”  Past that, it is a success because we have been reached and we have reached back.  If a writer/producer/director can touch our hearts and illicit a tear, a warm laugh or an, “Awww,” then, they can capture our buying attention.
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